How to launch a campaign

Quyen Pham August 21, 2021 No Comments

Access the BurgerPrints platform interface here! Click tab Campaigns => All Campaigns.  Then click CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN in the upper right corner of the screen.

Sellers will be able to choose from a variety of products available on the platform that BurgerPrints offers on the “Products” selection bar to be able to create a complete campaign.

You can choose products to create a campaign by click into each group in the upper toolbar or find the product name you need by Search your product.

Then click ADD PRODUCT.

Here you need to complete 2 steps to create a successful campaign.

Step 1: Design

Customize the information related to the product color (for products with colors such as 2D, cup …); adjust the selling price based on the basecost for each product.

You can add more products to your campaign by click “+Add Product”. Then upload design and edit.


♦ A campaign can contain many different products, but the design of each product type is different. Sellers must comply with our requirement for standard design file sizes. If your design is not correct, you cannot proceed to step 2.

♦ The red dot in the product box indicates that you have not uploaded a design for that product type.

♦ For each product on BurgerPrints, you can upload 02 mockups to the campaign. This mockup upload box is displayed at the bottom of the product “preview”.

Step 2: Launching

At this step, users will be able to customize information about:

– Title, Description, URL: Choose between default and custom domains.

– Storefront: group this campaign into stores.

– Categories/Tags: group campaigns to the menu bar for custom domains and tag the campaign.

– Conversion tracking: social media advertising engagement measurement tool.

– Visibility: choose Private to not show that campaign anywhere unless there is a link, choose “Public” if you want your campaign can appear to everyone.

Choose “Launching” after review all the detail. Your campaigns will be published and you can sell them now.


♦ Customize your campaign’s default image “Change default product on site”.

♦ Read more “Up-sell, Cross-sell” and “Optimize SEO” for campaigns.

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