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April 17, 2019

New team setting going to be released 18th April 2019

Hello our great community, From 14:00 GMT +7, 18th April 2019, we will be releasing our new “team setting” function …

February 25, 2019

Base cost update from 26/2/2019

Hi BurgerPrints Seller, From 0:00,  26/2/2019, we will be applying our new base cost for both 3D and 2D group …

January 14, 2019

2019 US & World Holidays

Holidays are a great time to craft unique and creative campaigns. Besides the regular national holidays, there are tons of …

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Josh Emanuelle

Josh Emanuelle

“I love the dashboard. Very useful for me to optimise my campaigns. Their UX optimised landing page help me a lots on improving the conversion rate. Their Cross sell/ Up sell is just awesome”

John Bread

John Bread

“Transparent profit calculation, quick payout and flash support. That’s how i go with BurgerPrints and success with them”

Bern Schneiderlin

Bern Schneiderlin

“The base cost is not too low but their AOV and Conversion rate is countable. I feel confident with the product quality at current rates and happy at how their platform conversion rate and AOV. “