Bulk duplicate campaign

Quyen Pham August 21, 2021 No Comments

Bulk duplicate is a feature that allows users to bulk duplicate new campaigns on top of the original campaign.

At the “All Campaigns” interface, the user selects the Action (gear icon) of the campaign that needs to be bulk duplicate.

Click Bulk Duplicate

Please read the information carefully before uploading the designs file.

We allow users to upload designs that differ in size from the designs in the original campaign. Make sure that the designs are accurate to print with the best quality. Check the box “You can upload images with different sizes” to agree to this choice.

For campaigns containing Printed Apparel products, we note that you can bulk duplicate up to 50 new campaigns.

For campaigns containing Full Printed Apparel products, we note that you can bulk duplicate up to 5 new campaigns.

Although it is a bulk cloning campaign, we still allow users to customize campaign info such as: Choose URL (Custom Domain), Storefronts, Categories/Tags….

Please make sure that the information you selected is correct, then click the “Bulk create campaign” button. The system will need a few minutes to process your request, the processing time will depend on the bulk campaign volume you choose.


♦ Users cannot bulk duplicate campaigns that contain more than 1 design file type. For example, with a campaign containing a Popular Tee and a full printed Hoodie you cannot bulk duplicate on this campaign type. Denied operations will display a warning “You cannot bulk duplicate this campaign because it has more than one design”

♦ The title of the campaign will default to the file name you save them on your device.

♦ The campaign’s URL will be taken by default according to the campaign title, please make sure the campaign name is different, campaigns with the same URL will be warned, and you cannot bulk duplicate.

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