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Amazing Features of Seller Dashboard

The Seller Dashboard gathered all the necessary information about your campaigns, and is presented in a concise and beautiful way. You can track the metrics of your campaigns easily and optimize your business in a better way.

Take the time to check out some amazing features in the BurgerPrints Dashboard.



Your Sales Performance is an overview of your sales through the data listed in detail through the time filter. Here we have:

• Order: The total number of orders

• Items: Total number of items sold

• Items per order: Average number of Items per order

• Conversion Rate: The conversion rate, with the formula equal to the total number of orders divided by the total number of visitors to your domain.

• Profit: Total profit earned, with the formula equal to Total revenue minus Total costs.

• AOV (Average Order Value): Average value of an order

The results will be displayed depending on the time you choose (day, week …).



Conversion Funnel is a detailed statistical funnel that converts from a seller’s website visitor to a profitable order. This dashboard is displayed with images, making it easier for you to visualize the quality of sales.

Total visitors to the website are considered 100%, from there gradually converting into ATC (Add to cart) to Check Out, and converted to Order.

Note: The image of the Dashboard is always fixed, but the metrics will be changed.



Your Best Campaigns is a collection of your highest-grossing campaigns. The results appear depending on Domain and Time you chose. You can also search by campaigns right here in this dashboard.

Here we have:

• Campaign: Name the campaigns from highest to lowest revenue

• View: Total number of clicks on your campaign

• Order: Total number of orders of the campaign

• Item: Total number of items bought in that campaign

• AOV (Average Order Value): The average value of an order in that campaign

• Average item/order : Average item per order

• Revenue: The total revenue that campaign has achieved



Top Products is a table that helps you see the products with the highest sales. Based on it, you can optimize your business with similar products for other design ideas.

Here we have:

• Product Name

• Product category

• Quantity: The number of products sold

• Revenue: Total revenue from product sales

• Discounts: Total discount for the product

• Return: Total profit earned from the product

• Tax: Total amount of tax from sales of that product

• Profit: Total profit earned from that product

Start selling, and discover how our dashboard can help you to improve your sales volume stably everyday

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