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Linh Dinh December 10, 2020 No Comments

To help sellers more easily build their own brand when selling on BurgerPrints, we have developed and announced a new feature “Brand” on the system.

About the ‘Brand’ feature

This feature allows sellers to easily create branding sign for the products they sell. Specifically, if you are building a brand for your POD products, BurgerPrints will help you to imprint those brands on your products or packages.

This will help increase the exposure of your brand to each customer, increase professionalism, create a positive buying experience for customers, and increase customer acquisition potential.

With this feature, sellers can choose from:

– Heat press branding: inside for wallet and passport holder, back for notebook.

– Thank you tag inside with the brand. Sellers can input your own message.

– Gift card for your next order (these will contain a discount code that can be entered at the seller’s store). Sellers can customize information about discounts (how many% or how much $), discount code information, on discount cards.

– Box with brand name on that.

– Shipping tag with brand on that.

How to use: 

Step 1: Go to ‘Brand’ in the interface of the BurgerPrints platform.

Step 2: Choose ‘Create new brand’.

Step 3:

– Enter the brand name ‘Brand Name’ and select ‘Domain’ (for sale on the platform with its own domain) or ‘Store’ (for fulfill dropship), apply and move on to the next step.

– Upload your brand’s logo with a minimum width of 1500px – 300DPI (3:2 aspect ratio).

Step 4: After downloading the image, continue to select the Product Type section and select the elements in your ‘Brand’ package. Specifically, the seller can choose one or more of the 5 elements of the ‘Brand’ package: stamp on the product, thank you letter, discount card, logo tag on the package, logo name on the shipping tag.


– The system will let you edit the quantity of each element in the “Brand” package and the message on the thank you letter and the discount card. There will be a minimum quantity of each item here.

– After selecting the quantity, the seller can proceed to the next step of payment after clicking “Pay Now”.

Step 5: Payment and usage.


– This feature applies to orders on custom domains and BurgerPrints dropship stores.

– This feature is currently applicable to leather products.

– The seller after payment can choose to apply for the next order or to use it later. It is also possible to pause this feature and reopen it later.

– Orders using custom brands will be charged by package (including a combo of all the elements the seller chooses in the custom section).

– Sellers can change the applicable store for this feature in the Edit section.

– Sellers can easily track orders using custom brand on the system.

Above are some instructions on the ‘Brand’ feature on BurgerPrints. If you have any questions, please contact us for answers via:

Live chat support in the seller dashboard here.

Fanpage message here.


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