Increase sales for print on demand business with email

Linh Dinh June 22, 2020 No Comments

Every customer who enters your online store is a potential customer, try these methods to optimize selling. In addition to providing great customer experience on the store, you can use email to help them buy the right products and increase sales.

Abandoned cart emails

These are the most common and essential email templates for print on demand business. Your customers already like the product enough to put it in the cart but for some reasons they do not purchase.
Below are some email templates to pursue them, you can send one or more emails depending on how the customer responded to the previous email.

Email 1: Remind customers about the abandoned cart (send after 24 hours). 

First email, simply remind the products are being forgotten in the cart. It can show your customers that the products are limited edition or only discount in a limited time to push customers buy it now. 

Email 2: Handle objections (send after 48 hours)

It’s time to show customers the reasons they have added products to their shopping carts to convince them once again. Express your interest and efforts to find out why to improve your system. Or can attach good reviews of customers who have purchased to increase the reliability.

Email 3: Offer a discount or free shipping (send after 72 hours)

It’s time to add a bit of motivation to your customers. A discount coupon code or free shipping will be a good choice.

Thank you email 

Everyone wants to make the best impression for their customers. For new customers, send them a welcome emails. Its purpose is first to thank customers for ordering at your store, in addition to letting customers know you care about them and provide them order information to generate more trust to customers.
Combine with upsell, cross-sell to recommend more products for customers.

Remarketing email

With promotions, gifts, or special events … do not hesitate to send email to old customers, it will help you get new orders from this customer set. This is also a method to help reduce marketing costs.

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Set up a basic email list now, create the first emails and optimize them into a comprehensive campaign. It will definitely help your business.

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