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Canvas prints are so much familiar with Print-on-Demand sellers, this product can easy to match with variety niche design.

Features of canvas prints at BurgerPrints

Canvas prints is a picture printed on canvas. Canvas prints has beautiful color quality, not only durable, mold-treated, difficult to fade, able to print a variety of themes and suitable for current home design trends and styles.

Types of canvas at BurgerPrints

The canvas prints at BurgerPrints are divided into two main categories: single canvas (1 piece) and set. Canvas set has 3 pieces, 4 pieces and 5 pieces sets.

1 piece extra large: 48×36 inches

1 piece large: 32×24 inches

1 piece medium: 24×18 inches

3 piece large: 38×24 inches

3 piece medium: 26×18 inches

4 piece large: 51×32 inches

4 piece medium: 35×22 inches

5 piece extra large: 84×44 inches

5 piece large: 64×32 inches

5 piece medium: 44×22 inches

The specific sizes of canvas prints at BurgerPints are as follows:

Note: Sellers can choose either unframed canvas or framed canvas.


Canvas prints are suitable for a variety of many different niches designs. Some designs are often used to  create canvas prints such as: photo (in retro or minimalist style), quotes, painting,….

Recommended image quality

For best print quality, print files should be from 200 dpi with resolution from 8000 pixels.

Print technique

Canvas products are printed directly on canvas.


Canvas products at BurgerPrints can ship to world wide, shipping time from 12 – 21 days.


Finished products are packed carefully before sending, products are corners protected, plastic wrapped and shockproof in cartons.

Above is some information about canvas products at BurgerPrints. Create canvas campaigns with  BurgerPrints here.


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