6 strategies will help you success in selling Print-on-Demand

Linh Dinh May 14, 2020 No Comments

If you are selling Print-on-Demand and working on optimizing your business, check out these strategies. It might help a lot.

Discount code

This is considered as the most popular strategy for growing business. It usually exists as a discount based on percentage/price or free shipping. 

Create urgency by setting an end date for the promotion to stimulate the ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO).

Include discount codes in your email marketing, and including text like ‘Get your limited time discount code’ to increase your click rate.

Use it in remarketing content to get the best result.

Source and use customer reviews for marketing

Most online customers usually check reviews before buying, and they also prefer user-generated pictures of the products. So be prepared to encourage your customers to share product images and use them for your marketing plans:

Mention in emails to your customers that you’d love to see photos of your customers using their order.

Encourage them to share their photo by offering discount code for the next orders or opening a minigame.  

Using hashtags for your products, include it into your email/social media and check it regularly.

Product Photos

It is important to make creative product photos when running a Print-on-Demand business. 

Print-on-demand products will usually come with mockups, you can easily find it when selling on a POD platform like BurgerPrints. You can also take the pictures of samples or the product in use to show your customers.

Email marketing

Setting up email marketing campaigns to promote your products and remarketing to your current customers. 

Don’t forget to grow your email list using the social network.

Product Descriptions

Spending time writing your own product descriptions instead of pre-written product descriptions to differentiate your products from those of other POD retailers.

Making the content valuable to the customers by answering the five W’s: who, what, where, when, why (and how).

Abandoned cart sequence

Abandoned cart will let you know the ‘might or might not’ customers. What you need to do is give the right pushes to let them the right direction.

Using Facebook pixel to track your customers. It also can help you set up powerful retargeting campaigns. Don’t forget to send abandoned cart emails to follow up your customers.


There are many strategies you can do to develop your business, try as many ways as possible. Wish you success.

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