What to sell for Mother’s day 2020 celebration

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In your eCommerce journey and POD business, Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to boost sales. This year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans may have to celebrate Mother’s Day at home. Let’s check out some suggestions that may help you make the most of this opportunity.

Ask yourself who do you want to sell your design for?

Mom’s themselves: Moms enjoy being recognized. It’s why this holiday is so great and the products really can be worn year round. If your message is a general “Mom is awesome” themed – that will increase wear time. 

Step Moms: They have stepped into the Mom role and need a shout-out as well. Plus this niche is very large so don’t miss out on the opportunity here.

Adoptive Moms:  Another niche of amazing ladies to keep in mind are the adoptive mama’s out there.

Mothers-In-Law: Don’t forget this group of ladies – because honestly, they won’t let you. They are in your life and they are here to stay. Ladies with this title, need some recognition for sure.

First time Mom, new moms, or expecting moms: A mom’s first Mother’s Day is an important occasion. So design with them in mind!

The Children: After all what better way to honor mom than t-shirts that say “I’m cute like Mom”. Little kids wearing shirts that celebrate mom are a must have!

Moms of Fur-Babies: This is a fantastic area to get into. Those fur-babies take up our time, love and attention and should totally be tax write offs. Don’t miss out on this huge area of Moms that chose an alternative responsibility such as dogs (can go breed specific), cats (always popular) or not-so-common pets like birds, reptiles or even rats.

Grandma: They can definitely get a little love on this day as well.

Aunts: There is a huge population of ladies out there who may not have kiddos of their own but their nieces and nephews definitely fit the bill. So keep this group of ladies in mind.

Dads that are a mom too: So maybe pulling on the heartstrings but it is a niche. 

Write a strong sales message

There are many ways to persuade the buyer, you can choose a sentimental, feminine, hard-core message or a humorous way.

Up to 29% spending for Mother’s day is online shopping and most are impulse buys. So note a few things to get the most from those potential sales:

Strong titles

Descriptions with buying intent


Must-have designs

Especially remind them to prepare this gift now (Ex: Imagine she opens this up…/ Don’t be last minute../Don’t wait until the last minute/ Order Early!/ Last call/ Last minute deals).

Best selling products

The most consumed item on this occasion is greeting cards – the simplest way to send messages on this day. Besides, handmade products such as leather notebooks and leather wallets at BurgerPrints are perfect choices for combining messages and designs to create unique and meaningful gifts.

And of course, upsell for design with other product lines is absolutely necessary.

unique gift, mother's day 2020


Designing a couple or creating a combo collection is not a bad idea.

Taking advantage of last year’s well-sold designs.

Design inspiration

Some Quotes:

“Mom, I love you, even though I’ll never accept your friend request”.

“In the end, mothers are always right”. 

“All I want is you. Mom!”

“Mama needs more beer”.

“Happiness is seeing your smile”.

“Super Mom (with name)”.

“First my mother, forever my friend”.

“Keep calm and let the mom boss handle it”.

“The mother’s heart is the child’s school-room”.

“A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend”.

“It’s such a grand thing to be a mother of a mother – that’s why the world calls her grandmother”.

“If nothing is going well, call your grandmother”.

“An aunt makes life a little sweeter”.

“The only thing better than having you as my wife is our children having you as their mom”.

Some designs:

leather, laser, print on demand, unique gift,  

Now let’s start designing with BurgerPrints!

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