Top 5 best-selling Print on Demand products for Father’s Day

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If you are a seller in the Print On Demand industry, the upcoming Father’s Day is an unmissable opportunity to boost your revenue. Let’s explore this opportunity with BGP. This article will also suggest the top 5 best-selling POD products for Father’s Day.

1. Great potential on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to honor the role of fathers. This holiday is an opportunity to strengthen family bonds and celebrate fatherhood in society. In countries like the USA, Europe, and Canada, Father’s Day is observed on the third Sunday of June.

On this holiday, people often put a lot of effort into choosing gifts for the fathers in their families. This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs in the Print On Demand industry.

According to statistics in the USA and the UK, approximately 75% of men receive gifts on Father’s Day each year. The NRF also reports that the average American spends about $150 on this day. This figure has increased the total retail sales in the US to $20.1 billion (compared to $17 billion in 2019). The NRF report also indicates that clothing is the most popular gift category among Americans, accounting for 40% of all gift items. This is a potential product suggestion for the POD industry.

Regarding purchasing methods, according to Fortune, about 37% of Americans choose to shop for gifts on online shopping sites. Among them, over 57% use tablets and smartphones to shop. This statistic highlights the significant potential for e-commerce sellers.

On Father’s Day, the spending demographic is also very diverse. People do not only choose gifts for their fathers but also for their husbands, grandfathers, brothers, and sons. These gifts express affection, encouragement, and recognition of fatherhood for those who are fathers, are becoming fathers, or will be fathers.

Canadians are also very generous on this day. A Finder report shows that a Canadian may spend up to $114 annually on gifts, boosting the country’s commercial revenue to $1.5 billion.

These statistics illustrate a significant business opportunity in the POD industry on Father’s Day. Generic gift products may be a common choice, but personalized gifts that clearly convey the giver’s sentiments always stand out more.

Let’s explore the top 5 potential products for POD sellers to tap into for the upcoming Father’s Day.

2. Top 5 best-selling Print on Demand products for Father’s Day

2.1 Top 1: T-Shirts

As mentioned earlier, 40% of Americans choose clothing as gifts for Father’s Day. In 2022, t-shirt sales on online platforms generated up to $786 million in revenue. This is truly a dream number that any POD business would aim for. Additionally, 40% of Americans opt for t-shirts when looking for Father’s Day gifts.

T-shirts designed with a personal touch or meaningful messages for fathers are very popular. Moreover, t-shirts are essential items that everyone needs, making them the top potential choice for POD sellers.

You can refer to best-selling designs to adjust them to fit your target customers.

2.2 Top 2: Tumbler

A tumbler, which keeps drinks hot or cold, is a practical and excellent gift for respected fathers and grandfathers. With 2-3 layers of insulation, tumblers are easy to carry. Fathers, often busy and inattentive to small details, may not notice their tea or coffee cooling down while working. A tumbler ensures their favorite drink stays at the right temperature.

The best part is that the giver can freely design the tumbler with names, nicknames, greetings, or even images of the father, adding a personal and meaningful touch. Sellers can consider vibrant summer-themed tumblers to attract customers.

2.3 Mug

Mugs are incredibly familiar and popular items among POD sellers because they are essential items everyone should own. Through POD businesses, an ordinary mug can become incredibly meaningful to its owner.

A beloved father can use it at work, adding a special personal touch. Imagine the smile on his face every time he drinks from a mug that says “Best Dad in the World.” Such messages make fathers feel cherished and proud.

2.4 Blanket

Blankets are also a personal gift choice for Father’s Day, showing the giver’s thoughtfulness and care. Especially for fathers who might not pay much attention to their sleep comfort.

Suggest blankets with patterns designed specifically for fathers. This gift will make their lunch breaks at work or TV evenings cozier, and even short naps in the car more comfortable.

For blankets, prioritize platforms that support product ideation and sales. A professional POD platform should ensure the final product is a blanket with clear prints that remain soft, fluffy, non-shedding, and fade-resistant.

With POD personalization, a regular blanket can become incredibly meaningful when printed with messages or images of the father, children, or family members. It will be a cherished item that the father will always keep close.

2.5 Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are high-quality prints on canvas fabric. They are lightweight and more durable than regular paper prints, with vibrant colors that fade less over time. Hence, canvas prints are a popular choice for Father’s Day gifts.

These items appeal to the aesthetic sense and home or office decoration interests of many men. POD sellers should choose platforms that automate the entire process, fulfilling specific size requirements and ensuring careful packaging and shipping.

With canvas print personalization, the giver can design and print meaningful messages or images on the canvas, such as affectionate notes, encouragements, or family memories. This not only touches the father’s heart but also strengthens family bonds.

3. Effective selling guide for POD Sellers during Father’s Day

Here are some tips to help sellers boost their sales during the upcoming Father’s Day. Let’s take a look!

  • Research your target customers and choose appropriate ideas: Understand the consumer trends and preferences of your customers for Father’s Day. This could include children, wives, and mothers in the family, and also consider the recipient of the gifts. This will help you recommend the most suitable gifts to your customers. Design and create products with a Father’s Day theme on items like mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, prints, and decor.
  • Diversify your product categories: Always offer a wide range of choices to your customers. Your product categories should be varied to meet all needs and preferences. Besides popular categories like shirts, mugs, hats, and phone cases, consider adding special product lines based on previous customer demands.
  • Don’t forget discounts and promotions: Promotions, discount vouchers, and free shipping are always attractive to customers. These strategies help increase order value. Use clever discount tactics such as buy 2 get 1 free or buy 2 get free shipping to encourage more purchases.
  • Focus on quality images and detailed product descriptions: A user-friendly interface, high-quality images, and clear, transparent details are essential. This helps customers get as close as possible to the product, increasing trust and conversion rates. Using suggested keywords also makes it easier for customers to find their desired products.
  • Enhance your marketing activities: Advertise your products across all online platforms: including social media, online ads, email, etc., to reach more customers. Pay attention to creating attractive, unique Father’s Day content and images to stimulate customer demand.
  • Ensure excellent customer service: Provide your customers with a perfect shopping experience. Address their needs, and resolve any issues that arise during and after the purchase. Their trust will form the foundation for future purchases and help you build a loyal customer base.
  • Manage and evaluate effectiveness:  Analytical tools will help you manage and assess the effectiveness of your sales campaigns. Closely monitor data to adjust and optimize your marketing efforts.

4. BurgerPrints offers reliable, high-quality fulfillment services

Above, we suggested five best-selling POD products for Father’s Day. Don’t forget that BurgerPrints provides fulfillment services for all products at highly competitive base costs. With extensive experience in the industry and top-notch fulfillment quality, BurgerPrints offers:

  • Quick and Safe Shipping: All orders are processed swiftly by BurgerPrints. 2D orders take about one day at the US warehouse and 1.73 days at the EU warehouse. 3D orders take 3.43 days from the China warehouse and 6.36 days from the EU warehouse. Delivery to you takes only 3.93 – 9.9 – 5.03 business days.
  • Global Fulfillment Network: BurgerPrints has over 50 fulfillment centers worldwide, all meeting high-quality standards. This ensures rapid delivery to key POD markets: USA, EU, China, India, Vietnam, etc.
  • Order with Label Service: We support the requirements of e-commerce platforms like TikTok Shop, Walmart, and Amazon.
  • Continuous Printing Technology Updates: We use the most advanced printing machine currently available – Kornit Digital. This ensures high-quality products with sharp, durable, and safe images.
  • Cross-Border E-commerce Platform: BurgerPrints helps sellers quickly create professional sales websites with effective sales support tools: SmartSell, Google Shopping, and Personalize.

    These are the top 5 best-selling POD products for Father’s Day suggested for sellers. With the holiday approaching, start building your sales strategy now. These will be crucial foundations for you to thrive in the second half of 2024!

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