Bulk duplicate tool

  • What is Bulk Duplicate tool?

This tool allow you to create multiple campaigns by duplicate original campaign in mass volume

  • Where you can find Bulk Duplicate tool?

This tool is available on Campaign tab on your seller Dashboard. Navigate to your campaign list, select the campaign you wanna duplicate, then click to Bulk Duplicate on the navigation bar

After clicking Bulk Duplicate button, the system will bring you to the bulk duplicate setup page

  Click to Browser link to start uploading your arts for campaign duplication. Please note that the art needs to be in the same ratio and size (1433 x 1433) for the best quality.

After duplicated, new campaigns will have exactly the setting as the original campaign (up sell/ cross sell, campaign length, campaign visibility…)

Please note that the platform will automatically use the name of the art for naming the campaign and url prefix if choose automatically naming check box

Total time for bulk duplicate depends on the number of campaign to be duplicated. Please be patient when it’s being processed