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Halloween is an important occasion for any POD seller. Not only has a great shopping demand, this also gives sellers many ideas to create unique designs for products. In addition to the familiar images of Halloween such as Dracular, Satan, pumpkin lanterns, zombie, ‘witchs’ are also a popular image. Many people will think that the witch is just a fictional character, but in fact, there are witchcraft communities in America and Europe, known as Wiccan or Pagan Witchcraft.

Wicca, Witchcraft

Wicca or Pagan Witchcraft is a modern Pagan religion, a nature-based polytheism faith with roots in many pre-Christian cultures in Europe.  Wicca also incorporates the practice of magic, several scholars have referred to it as a “magico-religion”

There are also many variations of this community. Some Wiccans are polytheism which means worshiping many gods, while others worship only Horned God, Mother Goddess or Triple Goddess (Neopaganism). And the other Wiccans worship nature, and call it the Goddess of Earth.

Most of the Wiccans vehemently deny that Satan is one of their gods. Wicca follow a code known as the Wiccan Rede: “An it harm none, do what ye will”, it is specifically explained in the Law of Threefold Return which holds that whatever benevolent or malevolent actions a person performs will return to that person with triple force, or with equal force on each of the three levels of body, mind, and spirit. That is also the reason why witches who practice white magic like to call themselves “natural witch” (green witch) or “white witch” to separate themselves from  Satanism (people who connect with Satan or devil worship).

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An article by the Daily Mail UK  said that the number of witches in the US has soared to 1.5 million people in recent years.



Witchcraft is become more popular in the West, with lots of active communities both on social network and on annual festivals. There are over 5 million posts with hashtag #witchesofinstagram on instagram. On facebook, there are also many groups sharing wicca, witchcraft with active members.


Five elements:The 5-pointed star symbol represents the five classical elements earth, water, fire, air, and spirit. It is also understood as 5 parts on the human body including arms, legs, and head.

Power cone: cones or witch hats also have conical shapes that represent power.

Spells: spells are definitely indispensable for a witch, from beginners to witchcraft to longtime witches. There are many types of spells from finding lost items to healing.

A knife calls athame, wands, black cats, natural stones, full moon and new moon.

People who love yoga, meditation or tarot will also be related to wicca, witchcraft.


Products that can be combined with this niche at BurgerPrints

Full print products like 3D apparel, legging, blanket, hooded blanket… 

Leather products such as leather notebooks, leather wallets are especially suitable for these subjects (spells leather notebook…)

Posters, canvas…


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2D printed apparel – one of the easy products to combine with a variety of niche.

Hope some of these information above will help you have more ideas for the Print on Demand business this Halloween season with BurgerPrints.

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