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If you choose the ‘fishing’ niche for your print on demand business, this might be some useful information for you to find new ideas to design and sell your products.

Popularity of fishing

According to a report of fishing, in 2018, about 49,4 million people headed to oceans, rivers, lakes and streams… for fishing, participants spent a collective 883 million days fishing, averaging 17.9 annual fishing days per person. Fishing participants were unified not just by a love of fishing, but also by the unique way it connects participants to nature and loved ones.

Fishing activities are more common in states bordering the sea, highest percentage of participants is in South Atlantic with 19,9%. The age of participants is from 6 years old, highest is in range 45-54 (15,9%), the second is  35-44 (14,8%) and 25-34 (14,5%), men are the majority.

Reason why people go fishing?

Love fishing/ Catching fish/ Relaxing/ Being outdoors/ Peaceful/ Fun/ Eating fish/ Bonding with family/ Water/ Sociable/ Excitement/ Thrill of chase/ Quiet/ Lifelong interest/ Break from the norm/ Boats/ Warm…

Reasons for Trying Fishing for the First Time:

A friend or relative took me

Ease of access to fishing

Experience excitement and adventure

Fishing trip as part of a vacation or group outing

Disconnect from electronics

Fished as a kid and want to try again

Seeking solitude

Want to take my children

Try catching my own food

Experiment with a new hobby

Expectations for a fishing trip:

Relaxing and unwinding

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Being close to nature

Getting away from the usual demands of life

Catch up with family and friends

Spend time in the outdoors

Exciting time catching a lot of fish

Try something new; maybe catch fish


Developing my skills and abilities

Teach my children about fishing and nature

Competition for the biggest or most fish

Top destinations for fishing:

Fishing locations can be shoreline, boat, river bank, pier or jetty, kayak…

Miami, Florida: Surrounded by some of the most exciting freshwater fishing in the country, including nearby Florida Keys and Everglades.

Most common fishes: snook, tarpon, snapper, redfish, jack, speckled trout.

Selawik Valley, Alaska:  Northwest of Alaska.

Most common fishes: sheefish, salmon, char fish

The Twin cities, Minnesota: Access to the Mississippi river and around 100 surrounding lakes. There have ice-fishing in the winter here. 

Most common fishes: smallmouth bass, walleye, carp, garfish, catfish, pike, big muskies.

Seattle, Washington: Puget Sound offers year-round fishing for halibut, flounder, lingcod, and rockfish. Most common fishes are salmon, chinook, coho, humpie, chum, sockeye.

Birmingham, Alabama: several good fishing spots, including Lake Guntersville, Logan Martin lake, Lay lake. Most common fishes: salmon, chinook, humpie, coho.

The images associated with fishing:

Hook, fishing rod, fishes, beer, boat, wanter, nature (river, lake, …)

Above are some information about niche ‘fishing’, hope you guys will have so many new ideas for your business.

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Via  2019 Special Report on Fishing, Google image.

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