October 2020 special days you won’t want to miss

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For Print on Demand sellers, October is one of the peak months of the year-end sale season with massive purchases. Let’s go through some important days in October to get more ideas to sell POD products for this occasion.

October 01

International Coffee Day 

In addition to honoring a delicious drink that is loved by many people around the world, this day also honors coffee farmers, baristas, coffee shop owners, …, people are working hard to create and serve this drink.

National Poetry Day (US) 

This day is intended to honor the excellence of poetry and increase its audience. This day receives the attention of literary and cultural organizations, publishers, libraries and schools …. The theme of this year is Vision, the slogan ‘See It Like a Poet’. BurgerPrints’ leather notebook products will be well suited to this theme.

October 02

World Smile Day

This is the perfect day to make others smile while also ensuring you have a smile on your face as well

October 03

Mean Girls Day (US)

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Starting from the movie ‘Mean Girls’, this word has become quite popular among teenagers in America. Another note is that the fans of this movie really like to wear pink.

October 04

World Animal Day

This day is celebrated with a series of activities aimed at raising awareness about protecting animals, not only pets but also wildlife …

National Golf Lovers Day (US)

This day is congratulated by people who love this sport. They organize golf sessions with their friends or family.


National Taco Day (US)

A traditional Mexican cake and is loved by many Americans.

October 05

World Teachers’ Day

If anyone is selling to the teacher niche then surely should not ignore this day, the day teachers around the world are honored.

October 09

World Post Day

This day honors people working in the postal industry including mailman, postman, rural carrier … and affirms the importance of the industry.

October 10

National Hug a Drummer Day (US)

A special day for the hard-working, talented but often least-noticed artists in a band.

October 12

Columbus Day (US)

Celebrates the day Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492 and kicked off the emigration of Europeans to America.


Farmers Day (US)

Farming is one of the longest-standing professions in history, Famers Day honors farmers who work tirelessly to bring food to people.

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Thanksgiving (Canada)

Canadians celebrate this day to celebrate the harvest season and to thank the gods of agriculture for their blessings of the crop. Turkey, apple pie, corn, rugby are familiar with this holiday.

October 13

Navy Birthday (US) 

One of the two major holidays in America. This date is considered the official birthday of the US Navy.

October 14

Bald and Free Day (US) 

There are many ways, like wearing a wig or a hat, to hide your bald head. However, this day encourages bald people in America to dare to bare their hair and even shave to release the scalp.

October 15

World Maths Day

There are many math enthusiasts in the world and this day also receives great interest from many students around the world.

October 16

World Food Day

This day is celebrated to raise awareness about world food problems as well as national food security.

October 18

National No Beard Day

There is a Beards day for those who love to grow beards, then there is also a day for those who love smoothness.

October 20

International Chef’s Day

A job honored on this day is Chef. Anyone who is selling products to this audience can pay attention to this date to create new campaigns accordingly.

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October 24

United Nations Day

Celebrate the organization’s anniversary, to disseminate the United Nations’ goals and achievements to all peoples of the world and to garner support for a common goal.

October 26

National Pumpkin Day (US)

The day celebrates a good food and is also a popular ornament in the fall.

October 27

National Black Cat Day (US)

The picture of a black cat is often associated with witches and Halloween. Black cats are also pets for many cat lovers.




Navy Day (US) 

This is also an important day for the US Navy. Not only those serving in the Navy, their families and friends also have a chance to be congratulated on this day.

October 31, 2020


This is definitely a very familiar occasion with Print-on-Demand sellers, there are many unique design ideas for this day.

Above are some suggestions for the upcoming October. Wish all sellers the best of luck!

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