New update on “Import Order” by CSV file feature on BurgerPrints platform

Linh Dinh October 29, 2020 No Comments

As everyone knows, BurgerPrints is a POD platform with the goal of building the best support platform for Print-on-Demand business and is constantly innovating to achieve that goal.

After receiving many suggestions from sellers, BurgerPrints has officially updated the “Import Order” feature with a new CSV file. In addition to the BurgerPrints CSV file, this new feature allows sellers direct import the CSV files exported from the Ebay or Shopify stores without much edit.

This will greatly help sellers who are selling on Ebay and Shopify to fulfill at BurgerPrints, simplifying the process so sellers can focus on other problems.

Basic steps

Step 1: Access the seller dashboard at then click on the tab “Dropship”.

Step 2: Click “Import Order”.

Step 3: Here, in addition to allowing sellers to import CSV files in the form of BurgerPrints, sellers has two other options: import the CSV file exported from Ebay store and Shopify store.

Note: With CSV file (Order Report) exported directly from Shopify, sellers do not need to edit anything to import to BurgerPrints system, and with CSV file exported from Ebay store, sellers need to delete the two bottom lines of the file.

Step 4: After the importing is complete, sellers can see if the status of this file has been successfully uploaded by clicking on “Check log” below the word “Ebay” or “Shopify”.

Or sellers can also access the status of all imported files by clicking “Import Log” in the top left corner of the dropship page.

Normally uploaded files will be in the “Pending” status, BurgerPrints’ system will read in a few minutes and if the CSV files are ok, the status will be changed to “Done”. Then, the necessary data in the file has been updated to the system.

Step 5: After importing the file successfully and the state “Done”, continue to click “view” to view order information.

Step 6: Here, sellers will see all orders included in the imported CSV file with the status and “message”. Seller can click to edit each order.

Step 7: On the edit order page, the system will identify information about “Shipping info” as well as “Reference order”. Seller can click edit below product name, add design, mockup, color… or add product to this order right in this step.

Step 8: After editing the order, click “Add to Queue”, the order is ready to pay and go through the process.

Above are the basic instructions on the new feature Import CSV order files directly from Ebay or Shopify store. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us via:

Livechat support  on seller dasboard here.
Fanpage message support  here.
Email support:

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