New feature Personalized Campaigns for 2D printed products

Linh Dinh October 29, 2020 No Comments

As you all know, BurgerPrints has updated a very hot feature for sellers recently. That is the feature of creating Print on Demand “Personalized Campaign” that allows customers to directly edit the designs of products on BurgerPrints platform.

Some information of this new feature:  

 – This feature allows customers to add custom text to the product design right in the product view.

 – Sellers can edit custom text position, text, font and color of text to fit with their design and attract customers.

 – About custom text fonts, in addition to available fonts on the system, sellers can download fonts online and freely upload them to the system to increase the uniqueness of custom text on their designs.

 – About custom text color, sellers can edit the color and opacity transparency of text.


 – When creating personalized campaigns, sellers need to upload the design along with the custom text. If sellers only add custom text without uploading the design, the campaign will not work.

 – Sellers can create up to two customizable text in each campaign.

 – Seller can upload font but the system will not remember that font. Each new login seller will have to reupload font.

 – With personalized campaigns have multiple products, when clicking “Add field”, custom text “Your text” will appear on all products of the same group. If sellers edit the font, it will apply to all products in that campaign. If the seller changes the color of the text, the change will only apply to each product the seller is editing.

Basic step to create Personalized Campaign

Step 1: Click Create New Campaign

Click Personalize, choose product

Step 2: Upload design and add custom text, edit the position, font, color….

Step 3: Click CONTINUE

Next to this step is just like normal campaigns. After products editing is complete, fill in the campaign information and click Launch as usual.

Above are the basic instructions on new features creating personalized campaigns on BurgerPrints. Contact us for more information.

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