How to launch a campaign

How to launch a campaign?

  • Your campaign launching would go through some steps

  • First of all, you will need to login to  your Seller Dashboard at
  • Product&Designs: Allow you to select your product and upload art/ design to it
  • Pricing: allow you to set sales expectation, selling price and revenue estimation
  • Launching: Final step of launching campaign, allow you to set up campaign name, description, campaign length, showing type (private, public), adding pixel for tracking ….
  • Products and Designs

1. You can select products between Apparel, Canvas printing, Woods printing, Woods Engraved plaques and Metal printing

  • Apparel: Include Tshirt, Hoodies, Tank top, woman tee, Kids basic tee…
  • Canvas: Include single and multiple canvas. We are the first POD who have 1,3,4,5 pieces canvas.
  • Woods printing: Printing on Woods with color printing
  • Woods engraved plaques: Engraved on plaques, give you more deep field of the art on wood plaque. Very suitable for souvenir, gift…
  • Metal printing: Color printing on metal. Indestructible,  stable, color sustainable with time

2. Upload  your arts or select your art from our Art center after selecting your product base

  • Pricing

Set pricing for your product and expected sales. Our system will then calculate your net revenue base on your selling price and expected sales volume

  • Launching

Set your campaign information and launching to start earning. Remember to set up your tag and cross sell, up sell for higher chance to get more than 1 product sold per order