Facebook Shops and opportunity for POD sellers

Linh Dinh May 28, 2020 No Comments

On May 19th, Mark Zuckerberg officially announced the launch of the Facebook Shops through a short livestream. This article will show you some point of this new feature and what Print on Demand sellers should do to take advantage of it.

What is Facebook Shops?

In simple terms, this is the place that allows sellers to create online stores right on Facebook.

These online stores are like selling sites or e-commerce websites with full features such as add to cart, view product, check out, payment, … Previously when selling on Facebook, sellers must have to lead their customers to a selling site outside Facebook platform.

Facebook Shops allows sellers to customize their shop that showcases their brand, create collections and display products on both Facebook and Instagram.

Setting up the Facebook Shops is now free, there will be a small fee if sellers use the payment features on Facebook, according to Dan Levy – Facebook Vice President, Ads & Business Platform.

Sellers can use WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct for Customer Service, buyers can ask questions, get support and track deliveries … through it.

Set up

Facebook Shops is currently launched only in the US market, and is expected to soon be available in other countries.

Facebook Shops is placed in the Shop tab on your Facebook Page when you change your page template to the Shopping template.

Adding products to the Facebook Shops from phones is now not possible. Facebook Shops also allows automatic sync products from partner sites such as Shopify, WooComerce …. You only have to connect your stores to Facebook Shops. Currently, the traffic navigation from Facebook Shops to the outside stores is free.

Live Shopping Features

Sellers, brands and creators will be able to tag products from their Facebook Shops or catalog before going live and those products will be shown at the bottom of the video so people can easily tap to learn more and purchase.

What sellers should prepare?

With the high technology and the tremendous amount of data, Facebook Shops is a great opportunity for sellers to develop their print on demand business, start prepare these things from now:

Growth mindset about branding, business processes, and niche.

Learn more about Dynamic Product Ads – DPA.

Build fanpages, prepare your account, pixels,…

Learn how to synchronize products from Website to Facebook Shops.

With the rapidly changing world, print on demand sellers should learn and update every day to catch the trend and turn it into opportunities.

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