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Quyen Pham August 21, 2021 No Comments

After you’ve created campaigns on BurgerPrints, you can edit them. To edit, follow these instruction:

On the  “All Campaigns” interface, choose Action with the gear icon of the campaign that you want to edit => Click Detail.

Detail:  This tab allows users to customize the same information as the step 2 Launching campaign.

Product: This tab allows users to customize product information such as: add new/delete products, edit prices, edit colors, expected sale…

Mockup: This tab allows users to upload mockups of the campaign. Up to 2 external mockups will be uploaded in this feature, the user will be responsible for the accuracy of the uploaded mockup to the system.

URL builder: This tab allows users to get the link of the selected campaign and assign the information to build a landing page in their sales process.

Email list: This allows the user to download a list of customers who already have an application at the selected campaign and the customer group that has created an account on the user’s custom Domain.

Please read our terms carefully and make sure that you will use this list for the right purposes.

Promotions: This allows you to create promotions on selected campaigns.

After editing the campaign, please click the SAVE CHANGE button to ensure all edits are saved. And you can Sell-on your campaign now.

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