Dropship FAQ

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1. What is BurgerPrints?

BurgerPrints is a professional Print on Demand fulfillment service provider with high quality and a wide range of POD products for Sellers to choose from. We ensure fast production time and shipping for the US market and other markets around the world.

More information about BurgerPrints fulfillment here!

2. Products information of BurgerPrints fulfillment

Product catalog: https://rebrand.ly/catalogues-burgerprints

Product SKU: https://rebrand.ly/SKU-burgerprints

Product Size Guide: https://burgerprints.com/sizeguide

Product Templates: https://rebrand.ly/bp-alltemplate

3. Campaign review

We need to review the design you upload when creating orders. Accordingly, some trademarks will be rejected and your order can be canceled.

Any questions about content trademark, please contact email sellers@burgerprints.com

4. How can I contact BurgerPrints in case I need help?

If you need more information, please contact our support:

♦ Livechat support on seller dashboard here.

♦ Fanpage message support here.

♦ Email support: sellers@burgerprints.com

5. Secure your account

You can secure your account by using Two Step Verification.

Access this setup by visiting “Setting” section, then choose “Two Step Verification” and follow the instruction.

6. Adding team member to your account

Yes, you can. Access this by visiting “Setting”, then choose “Team setting” section. From there you can add your team member. Please check the permission of each roles carefully as it will affect the data shown to each of them.

7. Payment Method?

You can pay for your order with:

• Payoneer

• Paypal

• PingPong

• Bank transfer

These payment methods will be linked directly to the Topup Wallet on BurgerPrints, which you can top up to pay for your orders.

8. When will my order be shipped?

We typically take about 3-10 business days to make your product, depending on the type of product ordered.

Detail time frame for production correspondence with products group as below:

– Printed apparel (normal/ partial printing): 3-5 business days

–  All Over Print apparel and products (Full Prints): 3-10 business days

– Canvas: 7-10 business days

– Wood & Metal prints: 3-5 business days

– Phone Case, Leather products: 3-5 business days

– Mugs, Posters: 5-7 business days

13. Cancellation and Refund

♦ Cancellation: The order will be produced immediately after payment and there is no waiting period, so the seller needs to carefully check the information before paying for the order. Sellers can cancel their own orders on the account, or ask for support. However, this request will only stop at the support level.

♦  Refund: the order will be refunded within 24-48 hours after the decision to refund in specific cases.

– You can request support by contacting BurgerPrints support team using the contact methods in section 4.

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