Create navigation menu on BurgerPrints custom domain

Linh Dinh August 24, 2020 No Comments

One of the most important features when using BurgerPrints custom domain is that sellers can customize the navigation menu bar on their online stores.

Menu bar

A navigation menu is a list of a links pointing to important areas of your online store. It helps customers easy to find what they’re looking for on your store and it is also a tool to help sellers attract customers at the same time.

The menu bar on BurgerPrints custom domain can be installed according to the available categories or tags.

– It can be divided by subject or niche (for example, your brand has designs on many different topics such as family, sports, animals …).

– Or sellers can also create tabs about promotions, seasonal or special sale promotions (such as hot items, summer sale, halloween …) to take advantage of these special occasions which can increase sales.

How to set up

Step 1: Click ‘Domain’ in the seller dashboard

Step 2: Click ‘Detail’ of the domain you want to create menu.

Note that the menu bar is only available when you are selling on a BurgerPrints custom domain.

Step 3: Choose the categories/tags to put on the menu bar. Sellers can create new menu tabs by typing them directly in the Custom Navigation (optional) box and attaching them to the campaign in the campaign creation step.

Or the seller can also choose tags in the campaign to include in the menu bar.

For example, creating a ‘Hot items’ tab on the menu bar by the ‘Hot items’ tag. When the customer clicks on that tab, the system will navigate to a new page containing the campaigns tagged ‘Hot items’.

Note: BurgerPrints platform have product type options to filter products, so sellers should not set up the menu bar by product types.

Customizing the menu bar on a custom domain will help increase the professionalism of your online store, creating a good customer experience when shopping on your store. Hope this article helped you understand more about the menu bar on BurgerPrints custom domain.

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