Connect your Etsy store to fulfill at BurgerPrints

Linh Dinh March 3, 2021 No Comments

Now seller on Etsy can connect their stores with BurgerPrints to simplify the fulfillment process just in some simple steps.

How to setup: 

Step 1: go to Dropship tab -> Store Manage.


Step 2: Click ‘Connect’


Step 3: click ‘Connect’

-> click “Allow Access”

After successfully connecting to the store with BurgerPrints, the system will notify

The connected stores will appear immediately on the Store Manage page in the Dropship section.


Sync order to BurgerPrints: Go to the tab ‘Dropship’ -> select Draft -> select the date you want to sync order, select Etsy store -> Unfulfilled then click Sync to load the order.

Edit order and payment: click Edit -> add information about the order including: product type, size, color, design (front / back), mockup (front / back)

Click Update => Add to Queued 

Switch to the Queued tab to Pay Selected or Pay All orders

Then, BurgerPrints will process the order according to the process.

If you need more information, please contact our support team via:

Livechat support  on seller dasboard here.

Fanpage message support  here.

Email support:

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