BurgerPrints and WooCommerce is now connected !

Paul July 4, 2019 No Comments

Hello everyone,

After a period of time and with huge expectation from our seller community for synching products on BurgerPrints to WooCommerce site, we are happy to announce that this process is now completed and you can start synching your campaigns from BurgerPrints directly to WooCommerce just in few clicks. To start, please follow below process

Step 1. Log in to your BurgerPrints account

Step 2. Navigate to “Drop-ship” tab

Step 3. Select “WooCommerce” to start the process

Step 4. Input your store name and url. The name of your store should be your desired store name. The store URL is the url to your store on WooCommerce. Please note that we need your store protocol (http, https) to be included

Step 5. Click “Approved” once the window asking for your permission showing up

Step 6. The set up is done, you can now start synching products

Step 7. Click to the gear icon on the right hand side and select “New product”

Step 8. Your campaign list will appear. Please select campaign to upload to WooCommerce

Step 9. Click “Upload” and sit tight. All your products are being uploaded to your Woo Commerce Store. Please note that the time for synching will be depended on the volume of campaigns/ products you are uploading

For other settings on your WooCommerce store, please refer to this detail document

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