Build the Print on Demand niche store or general store?

Linh Dinh September 7, 2020 No Comments

Choosing a niche store or a general store model is one of things that sellers should think of first when starting their own business. Here are some information about niche store and general store that sellers can consider to make the right choices.

What is niche store and general store?

Niche store

A niche store is based on a specific niche, a defined target audience. With POD, normally these niches can be hobbies such as fishing, camping, pets … or family, jobs.

General store

A general dropshipping store is made up of multiple niches. General store sells products to not a single audience, it has the flexibility to add many other products to other niches in one store.

Compare pros and cons

Niche store


Easy to build brand: you can easily to build identity for your brand according to your target audience.

More specifically in identifying target customers: When selling by niche, it is easier for you to identify your target audience. It is also easy to help you target audience when creating ads.

Easily create fans: with a niche store, you will easily create loyal customers for the brand based on the behavior of specific target audiences.


Limited to the products or designs you sell.

The risk is higher when putting eggs in one basket.

General store


Easy to scale.

More flexible for beginners, can test many niches first.

Able to combine with trends.


Difficult to target a specific audience.

Difficulty in positioning brand and building loyal customers.

Create store with BurgerPrints

Above are some information of niche store and general store that sellers can consider. Besides, BurgerPrints also gives you a comprehensive solution by building a store on a custom domain.

You can build an integrated store containing as many store fronts in each niche that you want. This will help sellers take advantage of both general and niche stores pros.

Start creating store on BurgerPrints custom domain here.

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