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Linh Dinh November 20, 2020 No Comments

BurgerPrints announced a new feature recently, that allows merchants to create personalized campaigns. It means that customers can custom the text on the design of seller with the content that they want. This creates a great attraction to customers and this is also a new trend in the Print on Demand industry.

Advantages of Personalized Campaign:

– Helping customers create products that are most unique to them.

– Provide a good customer experience with the ability to edit text on designs easily.

– Give sellers many choices of fonts, the seller can also upload fonts by themselves to increase the uniqueness of their designs.

– Stand out with the competitions.

– Increase sales.

– … ..

Niches for Personalized Campaigns:

Personalized campaigns are suit to variety of different niches. Popular are niches related to family & relationships, replacing names / nicknames of relatives, family members, close friends, lovers….

There are also many other niches that can use personalized campaigns to attract customers like job (teacher, nurse, musician, ….), pets, sports (baseball, basketball, hockey, football, cycling …), lifestyle (digital nomads, lifestyle, zodiac, vegetarians, work-at-home moms WAHM, travelers, yoga…), hobbies (crocheting, gamers, fishing, bookworms, gardening, anime / manga, cars…), location and travel …

How to create Personalized Campaign

See how to create Personalized Campaign in this article. If you need more information, contact us via:

Livechat support  on seller dasboard here.
Fanpage message support  here.
Email support:

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