Basic guide to sell Print on Demand T shirt for beginners

Linh Dinh July 6, 2020 No Comments

T-shirts are not only a popular costume, the designs and images printed on the t shirt also reflect the personality, interests and characteristics of an individual. Therefore, selling print on demand T-shirts has become one of the good business opportunities with a small investment.

With the popularity of the T-shirt business nowadays, there is no doubt that you will meet certain competition. However, by building yourself a brand with target audiences and creating the T-shirts that your customers want, you will surely succeed.

In this article, we will take a look at some basic steps to get your T-shirt business started.

Mindset and basic set up

When starting a business, you need to prepare yourself for a clear direction and mindset. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort to build your business. There will be challenges that you have to overcome, sometimes fail, but never stop learning and follow what you are doing.

Choosing niche

Choose yourself a niche market, your target audiences in which you will sell your products to them. This niche needs to be high demand enough, easy to find customers online, many interested communities, and more specific (demographic, product type, a particular price point, …)

A niche market can be a community of people with similar interests: yoga, jogging, fishing … or it can be about careers: nurses, teachers, mechanics …

Choose the niche you know and have in common with it. This will help you understand your target customers better.

Create online store

There are many platforms that can help you create an online store like Shopify or WooCommerce. You can also create an online store with the BurgerPrints platform (a comprehensive platform that supports print on demand sellers).

Build your own brand for your store. Combine to build social networking for your target customers: Facebook fanpage, group, Instagram, Twitter … to promote your products.


You will hardly be able to sell print on demand T-shirts if your design is not really unique to convince customers. Spend time researching your target customers. What would they like? Besides, refer to the predecessors, what designs sold in your niche and find your own ideas.

If you have the ability to design, great! If not, don’t worry, you can choose one of the following ways to turn your ideas into real T-shirt designs: outsource designs or buy designs.

Upload your products

After creating quality designs, upload your products to advertise them to customers.

At this stage you will need mockups (product images with your design). You can easily find T-shirt mockups on sites like Freepik, Creative Hub … or you can create your own.

If you have already created a store on BurgerPrints, the system will automatically create mockups for you when you upload your design.


The main and fastest way to earn traffic for your products is through paid advertising. Facebook, Google, or other paid ads. If you have built quality communities on social networking sites, take advantage of it to promote your products.

There will be many designs that are unsold and only a few of designs will bring you the first orders. Do not give up, try and optimize in the best way.


After finding successful designs, think about scale it. Increase ads to increase sales effectively.

Take advantage of old customers who have already purchased to maximize profits by remarketing to them.

The above is a summary of the basic steps in a print on demand T-shirt business. At each step, there will be many problems and what you need to do is constantly learning to be able to solve them and achieve success. Good luck!

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