August 2020 special days you won’t want to miss

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Special days in August that every print on demand seller don’t want to miss. It may help you to find new ideas for your business.

August 1, 2020

DOGust 1st – Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

This is considered as the birthday for shelter dogs. This day is celebrated in the US by dog lovers.

Design ideas: Images of dogs, quotes about dogs, designs honoring dogs rescuers or dogs adoptive parents.

National Girlfriends Day

This is a day for girlfriends to celebrate their friendship. It is popular in the US.

Design ideas: friendship between girls always has special things. Collections for girl groups will be a good idea.

August 2, 2020

Ice Cream Sandwich Day

For a type of food that many people love. This day is popular in the US.

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Design ideas:


August 3, 2020

National Watermelon Day

Watermelon is a very popular fruit and it also symbolizes the summer. This day is celebrated mainly in the US, there will be watermelon eating competitions or watermelon parties held on this day.

Design ideas:

Terry Fox Day

This day is very special for Canadians, to celebrate Terry Fox, an athlete, despite having almost all his right leg amputated with bone cancer, he still completed running through Canada. This inspires a lot of people all over the world.

Design ideas: Terry Fox spirit

August 6, 2020

National Root Beer Float Day

Root Beer Float is actually a carbonated, non-alcoholic, brown beverage and flavored with many root types, with sugar and a greasy cream. This day is popular in the US.

Design ideas:

August 7, 2020

International Beer Day

Beer is a beverage that has been around for a long time and cannot negate its appeal all over the world.

Design ideas:

August  8, 2020

International Cat Day

Cats have become a popular pet and there are many people love them. For those who are selling to pet niche, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Design ideas:

August 10, 2020

National Lazy Day

‘Just today I don’t want to do anything …’. This day is popular in US.

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Design ideas:


August 12, 2020

International Youth Day

The purpose of this day is to draw attention to the outstanding issues around young people around the world.

Design ideas:

August  13, 2020

International Lefthanders Day

This is a day for left-handeder people, with more than 708 million left-handeder people worldwide. They even have official clubs.

Design ideas:

August 20, 2020

National Lemonade Day

Not just about a refreshing drink for the summer, this day is popular in the United States and is also meant to help children become aware of starting and running a business.

Design ideas:

August 28, 2020

National Red Wine Day

Red wine is not only an attractive beverage, it is also good for health. This day is mostly celebrated in America.

Design ideas:


August 30, 2020

National Beach Day

Everyone wants to have relaxing time by the beach. This day is celebrated in the United States to raise awareness about beach cleanliness.

Design ideas:


Hope these ideas have planted the seeds for you to create more amazing designs.

Now let’s start designing with BurgerPrints!

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