5 tips to create an effective social media ad copy

Linh Dinh April 20, 2020 No Comments

If you want to create more effective social media ads, this article will help you discover five tips for writing social media ad copy that converts.

1. Create your niche voice for your ad copy

Each of your products is targeted to a specific niche, so give your ad copy a voice of that niche, then whenever your customers see your ad, they will immediately feel the similarities.

If you sell T-shirts, write your ad with the vibe of a T-shirt, avoid using words that reflect a suit mentality. If your T-shirts are slightly oriented toward a strong personality, enthusiastic and active, you can use the slang combination accordingly.

2. Clearly your audience with the Who, What, When, Where, and Why

Make your ads be clear about the Who, What, When, Where and Why questions?

Who: Who are you (your name, your brands)?

What: What do you sell?

When: When do you sell it?

Where: Where can customers buy it?

Why: Why do customers need it?

If your ad has not answered these questions, you may stop and edit it. If you’re having a hard time trying to get an answer for all of the W’s above, think about your target demographic’s pain points. You need to not only know your audience and understand what interests them but also what they need (or show them that they need it).

3. Test Ad Copy length performance

On some social media platforms, you have the option to use longer ad copy, but think carefully about that. Long ads can convey a lot of things, but customers on social networks may don’t like it. If you can communicate your call to action or primary point in three to five words, do so.

And how do we know what ad copy length is enough to informative and motivate customers to buy? The answer is testing. Each product will have different criteria and this is only proved best when you test with different ads copy. Use a small budget to test A / B for ads of different lengths and languages before pouring money into the most effective one

4. Combine With Complementary Visuals and Targeting

One of the reasons users flock to social media platforms is to take a break and be entertained by what they read and see. When your customers get bored waiting for food, for example, they look down at their phone and in those three to five minutes, your ad has to attract them. 

It’s important that both your text and content space are harmonious, the eye-catching images impress them to stop them with your ad and the text content will drive the action. So don’t forget to focus on the advertising image, especially in POD business, image of the design is the most important.

5. Align Your Ad With Specific Sales Funnel Targeting

Ad copy is essentially sales copy. However, it is difficult to create an ad on social media platforms that conveys a full sales scenario. Using one ad for all audiences can also cost you a lot of money. Let’s try to separate your customers with ads, the funnel filter procedure can help:

Top of the funnel (TOFU): A friendly neighbor with absolutely harmless greetings, funnel ads aim to let customers know your business exists and it provides things that your customers will probably like or look for.  Each person who engages with this ad gets categorized into a new custom audience and is shown a MOFU ad.

Middle of the funnel (MOFU): when you know that customers are already interested in your business or brand, launch the second step. They know you, they have heard about you somewhere and now let them know what you can do to help them. In the ads, tell them about your products and how it can fit them. These ads will show you a new other category of custom audiences, who are closest to your products.

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU): These will be ads with discounts code, promotions, calls to action, the immediacy. You already have a close audience that knows your brand and understands what you offer. Now give them all you’ve got and convert those users.


A good social media ad isn’t just clear, unique images or detailed content. It’s time to realize that your customers are too busy to read. Your ad needs to be unique enough to stop them in their scrolling tracks, give them something worth their while.

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