5 marketing tips to boost holiday sale

Linh Dinh September 28, 2020 No Comments

The holidays bring fierce competition but also plenty of opportunity to capture new customers and increase sale for Print-on-Demand sellers. To achieve good results for the holiday sales season, sellers need to prepare early with the smart strategies.



Holiday sales season

Usually starting from September to the end of the year, at this time Americans have great shopping demand to prepare for important holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s eve …

According to NRF statistics, each American spends an average of $1048 on 2019 holiday season, of which the most is gifts for family, friends, and colleagues.



More than 50% American plan to shopping online, discount campaigns most affecting the consumer buying decisions. along with quality and selection of merchandise.


Marketing tips for Print on Demand sellers

Create attractive discount campaigns

Depending on the target audience, sellers can offer a single, valuable discount to draw in sale hunters or plan a series of short-term promotions that change every week, giving customers an incentive to return.

Offer free shipping

For online business especial Print-on-Demand, free shipping is a particularly attractive offer. Take advantage of it to upsell more efficient.


How to create promotion to upsale at BurgerPrints here.

Spread the holiday spirit

With Print on Demand, customers aren’t just shopping for gifts, they also want plenty of holiday spirit as well. Give your online store the cool, holiday season’s signature visuals and your product designs too.



Focus on customer loyalty

Attracting new customers is important, but don’t neglect to take care of old customers to build customer loyalty. Creating email campaigns for old customers, sending them your thank you letters and awesome promotion codes is a good campaign you can try it out.

Gift suggestions

Help your customers think about holiday gifts, and put those ideas into products to create unique gifts. You will attract many new customers who are too busy looking for gifts for their family or friends.



Above are some ideas you can refer to to create effective sales marketing campaigns in the year-end shopping season.

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