3 tips for writing a value campaign info for POD products

Linh Dinh June 15, 2020 No Comments

A lot of sellers believe that it is not very important to write the description when creating a campaign. However, it doesn’t seem right, if your design is the product’s appearance, then the description content actually be the voice of them, it will help you convey your message to your target customers and persuade them to buy the products. See some tips to making your campaign page look pro for more info.


The title of the campaign cannot be longer than 150 characters, the ideal length or the most important part of the title should be in the first 40-60 characters because it will be displayed entirely on the marketplace. It contains 2 to 4 words that describe your design. The title here will be searchable, the keywords are important so be specific to them, don’t write too general.


The description of the campaign does not need to be formal, at BurgerPrints we have product details that auto include material, printing techniques … so in the description, you do not need to repeat them.

Remember to focus on writing directly to your target audience, it can include some of the following information:

Brief information about your own brand or niche.

Highlight the unique feature in the design.

Make it simple, easy to read or tell a story about the design inspiration.

Avoid using generic terms such as just, actually, honestly, and kind of.


Tags and categories 

On BurgerPrints, you can attach up to 6 tags to each campaign. Research keywords that customers can use to find your designs and don’t forget to add your product to categories.

For Print on Demand sellers, what you sell actually is designs. Highlighting the uniqueness of POD products, creating a more value content is much more effective than you think.

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